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Tatiana Barbosa

International Pop Artist


With "a vox to grace the masses" 19 year old Tatiana Barbosa is unlike any pop artist you'll hear today. Capable of the edgy grit of Rihanna and the powerful emotion of Beyoncé, Tatiana’s distinctive, richly textured voice promises to be as prevalent and instantly recognizable as both of those mega stars.


Music became an important factor in Tatiana’s life when she was just eight years old. It was then that she wrote her first song, Lost in Imagination. With brief stays in Alabama and Florida, Tatiana and her family eventually came back to New Jersey where she began to pursue her music in earnest. In high school, a memorable performance would turn her dream into her life's goal. "I was in a talent show and sung Rihanna's "Take a Bow". After I performed I was so excited, I wanted to do it again and again! After that I got control of my shyness on stage and I knew that this is what I really wanted to do."


Tatiana has done numerous shows throughout New Jersey and Philadelphia. Stage fright in check, Tatiana blossomed into a performer. At a recent performance in Philadelphia, the audio went out, leaving Tatiana without a live microphone. Un-phased and always professional, Tatiana immediately began singing acapella to the expectant audience. Three songs later, after the audio was corrected, the crowd was in love with her.


This confident and empowered personality has found a natural niche in the Stop the Violence Campaigns sweeping the country. Tatiana took her stand against domestic violence with the recording of the song and video for Enough is Enough. The filming of the video broke the Guinness book of World Records for the largest video/choir in history. "It’s such a great record and definitely sends a strong message," says Tatiana, "I'm honored to have been a part of it."


Tatiana continues to work with songwriters and producers as she learns to master her craft. She is currently working with producers Fred Jerkins III, his son Freddie Jerkins IV, Rodney Lester, and Michael Boykin. Tatiana loves recording and never shirks the long hours, late nights or little sleep that go hand in hand with that lifestyle.


Recording a cover of Rihanna’s “We Found Love” and a version of “1+1” that rivaled Beyoncé’s original has gained Tatiana a lot attention, but writing her own songs is an important part of Tatiana’s talent. Her sensitive and empowered songs, such as “Slow Down”, best expresses this young artist as she tells how her career comes first and love will have to wait.


Recently signing under the management of Dr. Fred Jerkins Jr.'s Consistent Hits LLC, Tatiana has been keeping busy in and out of studio sessions, writing sessions, artist development, photoshoots, and preparing for her upcoming videoshoot.


While many popular artists inspire Tatiana in her craft, like Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Rihanna, and Etta James; her greatest influence is the late King of Pop. "Michael Jackson inspired so many people with his music and never let anyone bring him down". Similarly for Tatiana, the opportunity to make a difference to people keeps her focused on her goal. "Music has always been a part of my life, it's how I express myself and it’s all I can see myself doing.”


Song Credits:

Song #1 - Written and produced by Freddie Jerkins III

Song #2 - Written and produced by Freddie Jerkins III

Song #3 - Written and produced by Michael Boykins

Song #4 - Written and produced by Michael Boykins


Sample Tatiana's Music

Stand As One (SA-1)

All Latina Pop Supergroup

S.A.1, Stand As One, will be the first group of its kind ever to hit the pop music scene. A group of five Latin girls has never been formed before, leaving a compelling opportunity for these five multi-talented Latin girls to make their mark on the world.


REBECCA is 16 years old and from Philadelphia. She has been singing all her life. When asked what inspires this young lady, Rebecca says, "Music itself inspires me along with my family. My entire family is my greatest support."


TALIA is a 14 year old singer-songwriter from New Jersey. Talia put her solo career on hold and joined the all girl Latina group SA1 in the summer of 2011. She is very excited about being a part of this new group and all it has to offer for her career.


SARENNA is 15 years old and from Philadelphia. Her favorite artist is also Selena Gomez. "I’ve been singing all my life. My family inspires me to sing. If I could tell teens my age anything it would be to stay positive. I would tell them to stay in school even if you hate it. School can actually be kind of fun if you make it fun in your own way. Follow your dreams no matter how crazy they may seem!"


DAILLEN is 15 years old and from Philadelphia.She has been singing since she was 4 years old. Her favorite artists are Selena Gomez, Nikki Minaj and Mariah Carey. "Mariah Carey and my parents inspire me the most."


CIRLYN is 13 years old and is also from Philadelphia. Cirlyn considers herself to be the comedian of the group and keeps the other girls entertained with her antics. Her favorite singers are Katty Perry, Leona Lewis, and Bruno Mars. Ciryln also enjoys writing music, and has been doing so since the 3rd grade.


At such a young age the members of SA1 are singing, recording, performing and writing their own songs. There is a lot to come from these beautiful, talented young ladies, they are only just getting started!


Sample SA-1's Music

Song Credits:

"Supa Badd"

Written and produced by Michael Boykins


Zyad Lopez

Mainstream Gospel Artist

Zyad Lopez is native of North Carolina who has traveled from coast to coast and overseas playing, singing and composing music. He comes from a deep musical background, his late Grandfather had his own Jazz band, Grandmother sings classical and spiritual Opera, one of his uncles has their own blues band, an Aunt that sings House, Jazz, and Gospel, another uncle that plays Bass, Guitar,and the Tuba an uncle that plays Brass, and Drums, his Mother Sings as well as his Cousin. He has been a Musical Director for various ministries throughout the years. He has played and sang with a few of the Gospel Greats such as Gospel Legends Dorthy Norwood, as a child he sang with Duranice Pace of the Anointed Pace Sisters, Accompanied Pastor Donnie McClurkin ( @ Evangelical ), and Bishop Dr. Todd M. Hall just to name a few. One of the ministries that musically and spiritually changed his life was Evangelical Full Gospel Fellowship Church under the tutelage of Bishop Dr. Fred Jerkins Jr who took him under his wing as one of his sons and is also his manager and signed under The Divine Ent. Label. His passion is Live Sound and Multiple Instruments including but not limited to Piano, Hammond Organ Drums, some Guitar, and Sax ( Soprano, Alto,Tenor ) accordion. He also served in the office of a Pastor for a short time in Pleasantville, NJ, and has also traveled all over the globe doing ministry in various places. Which brought him to Texas where he currently lives. He enjoys all genres of music, and enjoy Riding " Nutmeg" his Horse, and  absolutely loves Nature.


Victor Tavarez

Mainstream Gospel Musician

Victor Tavarez is a 21-year-old musician, and producer born and raised in Atlantic City, New Jersey; his parents Pablo and Victoria Tavarez are pastor of a church in Atlantic City. As a kid he developed his skill on the drum set in his parents church then at the age of 16 began to learn how to play the piano with his classical piano teacher Edward Nelson, and is still striving towards success.


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