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Dr. Fred Jerkins, 69 years old, is the CEO of the Jerkins New Production Team LLC. Dr. Jerkins is a family man, pastor, and entrepreneur. In 1995 Dr. Jerkins started two companies known as Darkchild Entertainment Inc. and RJ (Rodney Jerkins) Productions Inc.  He started these companies with the goal of launching the career of his youngest son and the Darkchild Production Team which included, at that time, Dr. Jerkins and his two sons, Rodney and Freddie Jerkins.


All of the Jerkins children in his household were required to learn to play an instrument. It was Fred III who learned to play the keyboard and became the musician of the church where Dr. Jerkins presided as Pastor. Dr. Jerkins observed that his youngest son, Rodney, had a unique talent of not only playing the keyboard but also his lyric writing ability having created love poems for his mother.


It was in 1994 that Dr. Fred Jerkins felt lead of the Holy Spirit to lay hands on Rodney and bless him in prayer and speak the words of blessing and favor upon his life as he felt that the Lord was given to him at that particular time. He prayed for Rodney and then told him that the Lord was going to bless him and take him forward to become one of the greatest music producers in the world.


Rodney did not understand it at that time, but he believed what his father was speaking into his life and asked him to purchase an Akai MPC60 drum machine so that Rodney could add beats to his music. At the time, Rodney was a huge fan of producer Teddy Riley.


Because Dr. Jerkins had faith that the blessings of the Lord was on Rodney's life he proceeded to cash in his life insurance in order to buy his son the equipment he needed to produce his music. Rodney asked his brother Fred to help him with his chord arrangements and Fred did just that. Within two weeks, Rodney was creating songs with new chord arrangements and a style of creating music that was completely different than what was currently heard in mainstream music.





Dr. Jerkins noticed that Rodney was writing and producing 3-4 songs within a matter of a few hours and each song was different and unique from the rest. What stood out to Dr. Jerkins was how fast Rodney could create a totally brand new song, literally within minutes. Rodney still has this unique ability to create an incredible amount of music, lyrics, and arrangements in an extremely short amount of time.


With a strong catalog of approximately 10 songs, Dr. Jerkins knew that it was time to present Rodney to the major music industry as an up and coming producer and songwriter. Jerkins contacted Brad Reubens, a music attorney of Philadelphia. Brad, after hearing Rodney's material, committed himself to shop Rodney's songs to the major record labels along with Rodney and Dr. Jerkins. Rodney's music was so dynamic that it created a buzz and a bidding war among the majors for his songs to be placed with their artists and yet another bidding war among the major publishing companies to sign Rodney as a writer for their company.


At the age of 17, when the interest in Rodney escalated, Dr. Jerkins began to negotiate with various major labels and publishing companies to secure a deal with his son. He negotiated deals to have Rodney create songs for various artists new and old, eventually clinching a deal with EMI Publishing for $1.7 million with an upfront advance of $275,000. Rodney had no placements at that time, and such a deal was unheard of for a producer with no placements.


From that point on, the Jerkins family's life began to change dramatically. Dr. Jerkins secured nearly a million dollar publishing deal for his oldest son, Fred Jerkins III, who also had no placements at that time.

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