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Around 1997, the Darkchild company brought in, at the request of Rodney, LaShawn Daniels (who was an incredible singer, writer, and vocal coach) to the production team. Before that time, LaShawn was never given a chance by the major labels. Rodney was persistent in expressing his desire to bring LaShawn to the team, even at the reluctance of Dr. Jerkins himself. Adding Daniels proved to be a great choice. Dr. Jerkins eventually negotiated closed to a million dollar co-publishing and writers deal for LaShawn Daniels.


Rodney's fame grew so much that there became a great demand by established artists for him and the Darkchild Entertainment Team to write, arrange, and produce hit songs for their albums. Major record label executives like Bruce Carbone (of Mercury); Craig Kalman (of Atlantic Records), James Jones (of Jive Record), LA Reid (of LaFace Records), Clive Davis (of Arista), Jimmy Iovine (of Interscope), and Tommy Matolla (of Sony/Columbia), and the list goes on and on; these executives began to schedule meetings with Rodney and Dr. Jerkins.


Dr. Jerkins and his son would sit down at the negotiating table as Rodney watched his dad negotiate million dollar deals, over and over again, with various companies to make music for their artists. Dr. Jerkins would never allow any lawyer to negotiate deals on his behalf. He was intimately involved in negotiating every deal. Dr. Jerkins would confidently state what he wanted included in, and excluded from, each agreement till there became a meeting of the minds then they would sign the deal.


Just to name a few songs produced by Rodney Jerkins and the Darkchild Entertainment Production Team:


"If You Had My Love" - JLO (her first hit as a recording artist)

"The Boy Is Mine" - Brandy & Monica

"Say My Name, Say My Name" - Destiny's Child

"Lose My Breath" - Destiney's Child

"Rock My World" - Michael Jackson


As well as hits for artists such as:

Mary J. Blige


Vanessa Williams

and the list goes on.


The Darkchild Team began to grow, with new writers, new producers, and new engineers. Added to the team was Dominic, Dmile, Delisha Thomas, Anesha, Antea, Michael Donaldson. Each person that was added to the team made hundreds of thousands of dollars under the Darkchild name and are still making hundreds of thousands of dollars today.


Dr. Jerkins, over the years, started many new companies such as, Consistent Hits, Darkchild Hits, etc. As of 2007, after Dr. Jerkins negotiated a multi-million dollar deal for Rodney Jerkins with EMI Publishing, he decided it was time to retire from the music industry and focus more on developing programs for the ministry of his church where he presides as Pastor.


After being retired from the music industry for 5yrs, Dr. Jerkins, being constantly pursued by artists, producers, writers, and even wrestlers, to come out of retirement to represent them to the major distributors; came out of retirement to create the Jerkins New Production Team.


Dr. Jerkins felt that if he was to come out of retirement and start a new company he wanted to create that company with talent that were seasoned, or up and coming, in their craft but had not yet been given a shot at the majors. Dr. Jerkins main goal is to expose his entire team to the world because they're so incredible, and they should be known. He will only expose the writers, producers, artists, stylists, videographers, marketers, and photographers that believe in his vision and were committed to signing with Dr. Jerkins to be a part of his new team. His strategy is to position and showcase the entire team, and the Jerkins New Production Team Brand, internationally, for worldwide exposure.

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