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The Jerkins New Production Team LLC company is home to a roster of music industry professionals, business professionals, creative professionals, and artists. Formed and led by music industry veteran Dr. Fred Jerkins Jr., this new team's mix of talent and business has an incredibly strong foundation of experience, skills, knowledge, and drive that aids in executing the company's overall strategic vision. This vision includes producing exceptional music through its team of writers, producers, and artists (most notably International Pop and Gospel); showcasing that music with the company's own visual style and presentation, as well as building its brand based not only on the music and its artists, but around every member of the company as a whole.


Dr. Jerkins' experience in bringing exposure to other professionals that are a part of creating music is evident through his work in bringing his son, Rodney Jerkins (Darkchild Entertainment), massive exposure as a super-producer which rivals that of any top music celebrity today. The Jerkins and the Darkchild name are both synonymous with high quality, hit music and A-list Music Industry Talent. There should be no doubt that Dr. Jerkins and his Jerkins New Production Team will once again raise the bar and the standards of how a music company and brand should present itself, and its people, to the global music market.

Executive Staff:

Dr. Fred Jerkins Jr. - Founder & CEO - View Bio

Ernest Manigo - View Bio

Fred Jerkins IV - Up And Coming Writer and Producer - View Bio

Sharene Jerkins - Talent Search Coordinator 1

Sybil Jerkins - Talent Search Coordinator 2

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